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When it comes to servicing, every bike and each customer have different requirements. For this reason we don't offer a rigid or defined service menu. We take a more individual, tailored approach.

We're very skilled mechanics with a combined 40 years experience, and pride ourselves on the quality of our work. If you would like us to work on your bike in any way please phone or email to book in.

Calling in the shop with your bike will allow us to make an accurate assessment of any work that needs to be undertaken and we can book you in on the spot.

We charge a competitive hourly rate for our time but as a guide a general service is £80 and with a full drivetrain degrease and refresh £120.


We offer expert wheel building and repairs and happily stand behind our work.

High quality wheel building requires knowledge, experience and the right tools. Rim failure , spoke failure and hub failure are all possible on poorly built wheels.

Our builds include:

  • Sapim— Double butted spoking as deemed appropriate by us.

  • Sapim brass nipples. We can supply aluminium however we strongly recommend using brass nipples .Better all year round.

  • Fully tension checked and spoke heads seated to hub flange.


Break a spoke under normal use on a wheel we built and recommend as appropriate for your requirements and we replace it. Our wheels are built to correct spoke tensions. Each spoke is tension checked before you collect your wheels. 

Should you wish, we will build wheels for you with spokes and rims not to our recommendations. In this case, you will be clearly informed before the build that the work cannot be guaranteed. Customers seeking light weight racing wheels or economy builds may wish for this however we will only recommend wheels that we believe are suitable for your usage.

We use Sapim spokes and will recommend rims we have used previously in most cases. We supply a range of hub brands for different purposes.


2/3/4 cross  builds are priced at £45 per wheel. More complex patterns attract a £10 surcharge. Unlacing an existing wheel to rebuild with new spokes or hub attracts a £10 surcharge. 


Direct rim to rim replacement is only £25 per wheel. Aluminium/nylock/black brass nipples are 15p extra per spoke. 14 and 16 mm nipples are 8p extra per spoke.

All wheels will be built with the "Hub Label " visible through the valve hole. If there is more than one label and you have not specified a choice we will go by the most obvious. Any changes requested after the wheel is complete will incur the de-build and rebuild charge. We will not build a wheel using your own supplied spokes unless previously agreed.

We Specialise in:
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