“Cadence may not be my closest bike shop, but it’s my favourite. Time and again it’s been Will, Jonny and the team at Cadence who I’ve turned to for my biking needs.”

We're more than just a bike shop. Our customers love us, because our passion for cycling and all things bike sits at the heart of the shop. 

We have dedicated staff at Cadence, with something over 100 collective years experience between us in almost every conceivable area of cycling we’d like to think we’ve got it covered. Importantly we all support each other and work well together as a team.

Will - Co-Owner

I was there at the birth in January 2010...

Bikes owned:

Kona Major Jake
Cannondale Caad 9
Merckx 7-Eleven 
A few Colombus SLX bikes (Daccordi,Derosa)


Short Black with 1 sugar please.

Earliest cycling memory? 
Walking into my local bike shop and buying my first bike that wasn’t second-hand. It was a bright green Carlton racer and I rode it everywhere.

Guilty pleasure?
Custard creams or a cheeky walnut whip.


Jonny - Co-Owner

Worked at Cadence since day dot.


Bikes owned:

Colnago C64 Mapei.
Santacruz Bronson.
90’s Specialized Stumpjumper single speed.
Santacruz Bullit

I like it all but “Extract” do some mean beans!

Earliest cycling memory? 
Re-building and re-spraying bikes with my dad when I was around four or five years old, mostly 1970’s road bikes and BMX’s, I remember changing my mind on what colour a frame should be half way through us painting it.

Guilty pleasure ? Love a bit of Nintendo, when I get a chance,
and Zwift.


Dean - Manager / Sales

Started on the journey with Cadence in March 2015.

Bikes owned:
Colnago Superissimo circa 1990s
Enigma Escape Titanium 
Kona Cinder Cone late 80s version with 1x10 conversion 
Bob Jackson 531 competition 
Raw Steel frame of unknown origin (guesses welcome)

Bob Jackson 1972 531 in very yellow.



Single shot soya Cappuccino. 

Earliest cycling memory? 
Swapping my brand new Raleigh Burner(as well as my 2 brothers bikes) for some broken He-man toys when I was 5 or 6. My parents got them back that same afternoon.


Guilty pleasure?
A pack of Bombay mix and Dolly Parton (not necessarily at the same time).


Harry - Sales/Social Media

Fresh in September 2020.

Bikes owned:

Hope HB130 
Salsa Warbird with lots of shiny bits.


Oat Latte.

Earliest cycling memory? 

My first ride without stabilisers ! The realisation no one was holding me up was amazing.

Guilty pleasure?

Taylor Swift and watching the “American Pie” movies.


Alec - Mechanic

Eloped to the west and landed in Cadence mid 2014.


Bikes owned:

Salsa Casserole
Nicolai Argon RD (in Brown)

Nah. Pot of tea.

Earliest cycling memory? 

Receiving my big brothers old bikes my own. I was about 5 years old and was over the moon as it had one of those old electronic sirens on it .

Guilty pleasure ? 

A simple gin in the evening.


James - Mechanic

Joined the gang in May 2019…was the best day of my life :)

Bikes owned:

Norco Search XR
Condor alloy Hybrid converted to a 1 x 10 with a biiiig front rack.



Flat white or whatever you got :)

Earliest cycling memory? 

I remember sitting in a kids seat on the back of my dads bike while on holiday as a kid.


Guilty pleasure?

I love Jaffa cakes more than anyone should .