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Bike Fitting 

We are now offering Bike Fits in store to help you get the most out of your bike and help you feel your best while on it whether that is training for your first long distance sportive, preparing for a big tour or just wanting to get more comfort on your race steed!

To book in for a fit just click the link below, fill in the pre-fit questionnaire and we'll call or email you with the confirmed date and time.


Our bike fitting starts with an initial chat and assessment including your cycling experience, any previous/current injuries or discomfort on the bike and your aims or goals.

Our pre-fit questionnaire will provide a starting point but we'll go into more detail during this assessment. We then go through a couple of simple stretch and pull exercises to identify potential areas of issue such as leg length discrepancy, flexibility, stability, basic core strength, upper body strength and joint issues. We use this information to plan for any changes we may need to address in the fit. We will then take a look at the shape and angles of your feet and your current shoe and cleat setup .

Before making any major changes to the bike configuration we take a look at your current position for any obvious solutions to current problems.

During the fit minor adjustment of the current position using your existing components is likely but it may require as much as changing the handlebar, stem, saddle or cranks. We will always chat about the changes required along with pro's and cons as we go along but there is never an obligation to do it at the time.
We are always available for a chat so feel free to either call us or email and we'll give you any info you need . 

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