Demo Bikes

In our shop we like to have as many demo bikes as possible.

If you are wanting to buy a new bike you can get to know how it rides before you buy. Below we will show what we currently have but please do contact us if you are interested in something not listed.

Enigma Escape

Our most popular demo bike is a custom built Enigma Escape in a size 56cm gets a lot of love. This bike is built with 2x11 Shimano GRX and Hunt 4 season gravel disc wheels and a set of 38mm gravel tyres.This tends to be our most popular  spec and has proven to suit most peoples purposes .

Screenshot 2022-02-17 at 09.00.56.png

Enigma Escape

Another of our popular demo bikes is this custom built Enigma Escape in a size 54cm .... This bike is built with 1x12 sram axs XPLR, Hunt 4 season gravel disc wheels and a set of 40mm fast gravel tyres. This bike has been specced to highlight the new Sram wireless electronic shifting system.

Kinesis Tripster AT

Our Kinesis Tripster AT is a size 55.5 and is one of our most popular demos with its amazing sub £2000 price point and great features. The bike is equipped with 1x11 Sram Apex, Alex alloy wheels and a more road orientated 38mm tyre. 

Screenshot 2022-02-17 at 13.12.57.png
Screenshot 2022-03-03 at 16.14.22.png

Classified Wheels

We are now happy to say we are a stockist and demo shop of the very modern Classified Wheels. The wheels are a 2x internal hub shifting unit that removes the need for a front mech and second chainring whilst still keeping all gears available. 

Please enquire below to book a test ride.

Santa cruz tallboy cc xo1 axs

We have always been a big lover of Santa Cruz and always endeavour to keep a demo model in stock when we can and let people see why we love them so much. This year our demo range just had to include this amazing Tallboy in the top spec. This bike is an extra large but can comfortable fit a 5ft 11 to 6ft 5 give or take !


Santa Cruz
Bronson cc
xo1 axs

Our most recent addition to the Santa Cruz demo line up had to be the all new Bronson. Its mixed wheel and mid travel sizing makes it become this fast and loose bike that still climbs and allows for all day fun. Just like the Tallboy are Bronson is also top spec.