The original and still the best ….. All hail the Gabba !

November….In theory it’s now the time of year when we should be donning the heavier long sleeve fleece jersey and that super thick pair of socks to keep the cockles warm but what the hell is going on?
So far it’s been warmer than March or are we imagining that?
It’s confusing to look out of the non-misted window and see a clear, bright, even mild morning. It’s tricky to get the clothing right on days like these. That extra layer and you’re sweating buckets but choose not to remove it ‘cos you can’t store it on the bike or it’s too thick to sit in the back pocket of your jersey. Too little clothing and you’re cursing through teeth that are sounding like a very skilled castanet player. There is an answer to this dilemma though.
All hail the GABBA!!!
The Castelli “Gabba” has been around for a while now but it should be in everyones cycling wardrobe.
It’s warm and cool at the right times, with a lower back tail flap which acts like a butt protector to keep it road splash free.
4514513-010 The all over material keeps the rain out in everything but the most ridiculous deluges and it has a fit that basically replaces the need for anything underneath except for an appropriate base layer.
When the temperature drops to single digits it holds its own. When it jumps up to the late teens a couple of well placed side zips cool you down quick smart.
Honestly, if you haven’t got one yet, and with Christmas around the corner, treat yourself, you deserve it. You won’t be looking for the receipt on the 26th of December!

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